celebrate your humanity on tax day with storytelling + literature

We’re seriously teaming up with Porch Light!


Monday April 15
The Verdi Club
2424 Mariposa St.
8pm • $15 advance/$20 door

We might sell out • Get your tickets now

Get to know the people sitting next to you

Art by Sarah Moran

Piano by Marc Capelle

Come early! Sandwiches from Bicycle Bánh Mì, kegs from Lagunitas, bar, lounge, low lights and all of your secrets!

» Tell your friends «

Porchlight holds a monthly series called Open Door: it’s $5 to get in, you can tell a story on the month’s theme and win $50. This month’s show is on Monday, April 29 and the theme is Quiet Lightning! So if you’ve got any stories that fit that theme at all you should come to that show and tell them! Testimonials welcome. “Stories with a sneaky revelation”, yes please. Hookup stories, embarrass away! That’s at the Hemlock Tavern.

Nicole McFeely and Janey Smith will be curating our Friday, May 3 show with Studio One Reading Series in Oakland. Together with Casey McAlduff, who curates S1, they will host a literary mixtape based on the poems of Adeena Karasick and Erica Lewis. Think about submitting to that! We’re open through the end of Wednesday, April 17th: click here to give it a shot.

We’re going to announce our Neighborhood Heroes at the Verdi Club. You should save Thursday, June 6th — it’s our first museum show and you won’t believe it either.

Hey, for Monday… Porch Light does sell out. Apparently, we can too. Get your tickets now and save the balance for beer / book / sandwich (collect them all!).

Wanna hear something true?

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