under the influence

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A monthly performance series co-created by Quiet Lightning’s Evan Karp and Lapo Guzzini as The Emerald Tablet‘s first original program, Under the Influence presents five artists reading or performing a favorite influence and responding with original work that in some way channels or reflects that influence. Each artist gets 15 minutes of total performance time, and chooses a person who performs in the next month’s show. One spot each month is determined by an open call for submissions.

for all artists and their influences + links to each show ~

Under the Influence ran monthly from March 2013 to June 2015, and is on indefinite hiatus… as a performance series. The saga continues through a chain of essays, begun by Jack Foley in the second issue of vitriol magazine, which you can read in full below; Jack selected Ivan Argüelles, who’s essay is included in issue 3.