The Stud


Joe Wadlington
Heather Bourbeau
Peter Bullen
Stephen Guai-Wu
MK Chavez
Rae Liberto
AshleyRose Sanchez
Miah Jeffra
Siamak Vossoughi
Adam Moskowitz
Peter Max Lawrence
Paul Corman-Roberts

Kyrsten BeanNelson, Irene Time Will Tell, 2016 acrylic mixed media
Ingrid Keir
Kate Folk
Sage Curtis
Laura Zink
Kate Seifert
Kathryn Reeve
Cassandra Dallett
Isabella Borgeson


Monday, February 6 @ The Stud Bar

7:30 – 9pm // doors 9am 😉

curated by Josey RoseChristine No

art by Irene Nelson, featured artist for February’s sPARKLE & bLINK

free show! free copies of s&b for the first 100 people

we’ll have a raffle with some great swag—all proceeds to benefit the stud and transgender law center — if you have anything, large or small, you’d like to donate, please let us know: submit AT quietlightning DOT org.

hope to see u


The Stud Bar, via 48 Hills

this is our 104th show and 82nd issue of s&b

  • accepted 21 of 74 (28%)
  • 11/21 (52%) first time reading for QL
  • 10/21 (48%) returning
    • Heather Bourbeau (1x)
    • Peter Bullen (12x)
    • MK Chavez (4x)
    • Miah Jeffra (1x)
    • Siamak Vossoughi (18x)
    • Adam Moskowitz (2x)
    • Paul Corman-Roberts (16x)
    • Ingrid Keir (1x)
    • Kate Folk (2x)
    • Cassandra Dallett (12x)


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  • If you’d like to submit your artwork to be featured in sparkle + blink, check out our art page.
  • If you’d like to submit an (informal) application to co-curate one of our shows, follow this link and let us know.