Quiet Lightning + 826 Valencia Author Informed Consent and License Agreement

This form grants Quiet Lightning and 826 Valencia the right (but not the obligation) to edit and publish the author’s written work in sparkle + blink 4.5 and/or in any other publication affiliated with Quiet Lightning or 826 Valencia. This license is non-exclusive, meaning that the author can also publish his or her work in publications unaffiliated with Quiet Lightning or 826 Valencia, if he or she chooses, even if Quiet Lightning and/or 826 Valencia determines to publish the work as well. Publication by another person or entity shall not have any effect on Quiet Lightning’s nor on 826 Valencia’s rights under this agreement.

During this project, Quiet Lightning and 826 Valencia may document the work of the student authors through film and photography. The authors’ photographic or videotaped images may thereafter appear in Quiet Lightning’s and/or 826 Valencia’s publications, documents, film productions, or websites. Documentation of the project is intended to share the work of the participating authors and the effectiveness of the respective programs, and will be used in materials for future project participants, potential funders, and presentations about Quiet Lightning, 826 Valencia, and the Tour Through Town. No material will be used for commercial purposes.

Although participation in this project is completely voluntary, once consent to publishing the work is provided to Quiet Lightning and 826 Valencia by signing this form, it cannot be withdrawn. Also, Quiet Lightning and 826 Valencia are nonprofit organizations and will not be able to provide monetary compensation. We ask you to refrain from writing inappropriate language and about incidents that may hurt, degrade, or endanger others. We do retain the right to paraphrase or re-word passages during the editing process. Each student whose work is published will receive a free copy of the book when it is released.

If the author is under 18 years of age, his or her parent or guardian must sign below:

I have read the above information, and agree to its terms.


Student Name _______________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s signature_____________________________ Date__________


Printed Name_____________________________________


If the author is 18 years of age or older, please sign below:

I have read the above information, and agree to its terms.


Student Name _______________________________________________________


Signature _________________________________________ Date __________


If you have any questions, please contact Evan Karp, President of Quiet Lightning, at 415-387-3306 or by email at evan@quietlightning.org.

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