Quiet Lightning @ Manny’s

Jan 7, 2019 at Manny’s


art for sPARKLE & bLINK 97 by Madeline Gobbo

Side A

Jennifer Lewis » Meredith Heller » Katie Seifert » Charles Kruger » Calder G. Lorenz » Siamak Vossoughi » Caroline Kessler 

Side B

Chloe Wieland » Heather Bourbeau » Dion O’Reilly » Abe Becker » Hadas Goshen » Fernando Meisenhalter » Alex Simand » Connie Zheng » Brian Waksmunski


Monday, January 7
Manny’s, 3092 16th St.
Readings begin at 7pm


This is an all ages show, free to attend. There’s a suggested $5-20 donation to help publish and pay all of the selected authors, and to help support the venue — all donations are 100% tax deductible. The first 100 people to attend (regardless of donation) will receive a copy of sPARKLE & bLINK 97, featuring all the selected writing and art by Madeline Gobbo!


Thanks to everyone who sent in writing!

We received 65 submissions and accepted 16 (25%). Of those, 6 are reading at Quiet Lightning for the first time (37%); 10 are returning (63%):

  •  Jennifer Lewis (3x)
  • Katie Seifert (1x)
  • Charles Kruger (9x)
  • Calder G. Lorenz (1x)
  • Siamak Vossoughi (21x)
  • Caroline Kessler (2x)
  • Heather Bourbeau (3x)
  • Abe Becker (3x)
  • Hadas Goshen (3x)
  • Fernando Meisenhalter (3x)

This is our 124th show and 97th issue of s+b, featuring some 1,300 readings by nearly 1,000 Bay Area authors. It sometimes feels like we’ve been everywhere, and yet somehow — defying all — there’s a great new place like Manny’s. Thus begins our 10th year!

This show was curated by Evan Karp + Lisa Church.

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What? Oh holiday bells yes: submissions are now open for our next mixtape, to be held on 3/4/19 at The Bar at Hotel Kabiki.