elbo room

 April 3 @ Elbo Room

art by Peter Max Lawrence

Adam Moskowitz
Katie Wheeler-Dubin
 Kazumi Chin
Peter Bullen
Jeff Bostic
Hugh Behm-Steinberg
Goldie Negelev
Linette Escobar

w/music by
Kristina Dutton + Holly Muñoz


release party for vitriol 3

FREE SHOW • 21+ • 7pm doors

curated by Evan Karp, Brianna Nelsun + Hannah Rubin


sPARKLE & bLINK 84 for the first 100 people
w/art by Peter Max Lawrence

– stats – 

We received 89 submissions and accepted 8 (9%). Of those, 3 are reading @ QL for the first time (38%), and 5 are returning (62%): Adam (3x), Katie (5x), Peter (13x), Hugh (3x), and Linette (2x)

PageLines- ql-logovectorsquare.jpg

vitriol 3 • front cover web - art by akira beard


•  you can now pre-order vitriol 3
•  on 4/10, we’re co-sponsoring a Media Literacy Party
•  we’re open for submissions: 5/1 @ Galería de la Raza

all forms of writing are accepted. This will be a free show, and the first 100 people will receive a book featuring all of the selected writing and cover art by a local artist. Thanks to a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission all authors will be paid, and will read/perform as a literary mixtape, with no introductions or banter.

vitriol cover art by Akira Beard

PageLines- ql-logovectorsquare.jpg

hi everyone!
i know this is late but i really like how i put up a stillframe of each reader with a quote last time, and want to do it again, and since i’ve been on family vacation in the awful state of florida all week, i’m sure you will forgive me my tardiness!

first of all: <<< watch the videos! >>>

Thanks again to all of these wonderful creatures and to everyone else who came out!

If you like what you see, hear, read, maybe you should buy the book!

Submissions for the April 5 show are open until March 17. Get em in, lovelies, it’s gonna be good!

Details: Mon Apr 5 | 7-9 | Cantina | 580 Sutter St | $2

See you there!

6 thoughts on “elbo room!

  1. Kristen K. says:

    You’ve really covered all your bases! I’m so glad I got to be a part of the first QL at the Elbo Room and part of Sparkle n’ Blink.

    You’re the best! Hope you enjoyed vacation!

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