edinburgh castle

AU3 by Rohan DaCosta

Monday, March 6 @ 7:30pm | Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary 

FREE show, 21+

Peggy Schimmelman » Jenny Xie » Logan Ellis » Sandra Wassilie » Laurie Posner » Hadas Goshen » Sherril JaffeSara Marinelli » Lisa Piazza » Siamak Vossoughi » Anthony Veasna So » Fernando Meisenhalter » Matt Leibel

curated by Meghan Thornton + Olga Zilberbourg

sPARKLE & bLINK cover art by Rohan DaCosta

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by the numbers
We accepted 13/68 submissions (19%)
7/13 (54%) are reading at QL for the first time
6/13 (46%) are returning (x of times below):
Sandra  (2x), Sara (1x), Lisa (5x), Siamak (19x), Fernando (1x), Matt (5x)
This will be our 105th show and 83rd issue of sPARKLE & bLINK. More about us.


PageLines- ql-logovectorsquare.jpg

Now accepting writing of all kinds!


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