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art by Jessalyn Ragus

art by Jessalyn Ragusfeatured artist for sPARKLE & bLINK 86

curated by Lapo Guzzini and Caitlyn Wild

LIVE on June 5, 2017

@ Clarion Music Performing Arts Center
816 Sacramento St., San Francisco

7:30pm // FREE + all ages

The first 100 people will receive sPARKLE & bLINK 86 featuring all of the selected writing and cover art by Jessalyn Ragus. Thanks to a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission all authors will be paid, and will read/perform as a literary mixtape, with no introductions or banter.


  • accepted13/83 (16%) submissions
  • 11/13 (85%) have never read for QL before
  • 2/13 (15%) are returning: Adam (4x); Keith (2x)


Free July 3 show
location TBA
all selected artists paid

open thru Jun 14

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vitriol 3 • front cover web - art by akira beard