thank yous and a message for our partners

Matt Leibel

Thanks to everyone who came out to Sports Basement last night. That was a really special way to start out the year, which continues on February 4th with Pirate Lightning! our show with 826 Valencia. Submissions to that show, open only to 6-18 year-olds (though the show will be open to all-ages), are now closed.

We are accepting submissions to our show with Feast of Words, which will be at SOMArts on Tuesday, March 19th. You can check out Feast of Words on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, so if you haven’t been you can get a good idea of how great March 19th will be on February 18th, when they’ll host Mia McKenzie and a special culinary guest (and if you can’t make it you can read and watch more about them here). Because we can only accomodate 50 people (on the 19th) we will be selling advance tickets, and will let you know more about that soon.

Tour Through Town!

If you’re looking for a good reading before February 4th, or if you just want to check out the Studio One Reading Series, with whom we’ll be partnering on May 2nd, they’ve got a great lineup for February 1st: Lyn Hejinian, Joshua Clover, and Brian Ang. If you go, tell them we said Arrrrrgh!

Videos from last night, the entire book, and more info on the show at 826 will be up soon. Until then? Be nice to people and make new friends. You never know how you might impact someone, and people are full of surprises.

clip show of 2012 + last chance to submit to 826 valencia

We’ll be screening the above video tomorrow at the Sports Basement as part of our pre-show festivities, along with music by Jeremy Hatch, free food and wine, games, an art show, and a raffle (that’s free, too). Only $5 suggested for the whole shebang. Read more about the show here. 6pm, readings at 7:30.

When tomorrow ends, so does your chance to submit work to be a part of our show at 826 Valencia: Pirate Lightning! Click here to submit and for more information.

(Submissions for that show are only open to authors between the ages of 6 and 18, but don’t fear! We’re also accepting submissions to our March 19th show with Feast of Words).

Enjoy that video. What a year last year was! Here’s to 2013 and the Tour Through Town!

the tour through town kickoff show

Right this way! You there—step right up and tour the town. We got art on the walls and wandering minstrels, food and Downtown Wine on the pour. Special guests at each station: Studio One, 826, and SOMArts in the house; a video projector, exquisite corpse, oracular storytelling, a lightning trivia station with prizes, our beloved Lagunitas, and a prompt-generated chain letter that could get you into our February 4th show at 826 Valencia free!

Right this way! You there—for only $5 you can have it all: Wednesday night, January 16th @ the Sports Basement on Bryant Street. Tell ‘em you’re there for Quiet Lightning and it’s all yours. No strings or surprises. OK, surprises. But no money? No problem! (More money? We’ll take it!) Draft beer $3. Wine for donations. Food? Compliments of the Basement.

In the gallery: work by previous sparkle + blink artists.

The party starts at 6pm. Come socialize, play some games, win a prize. The latest Quiet Lightning, put together by Charles Kruger and guest curator Sandra Wassilie, to follow, featuring readings by: J. E. Freeman, Matt Leibel, Shideh Etaat, William Taylor Jr., Ariel Fintushel, Sarah Natalie Webster, Sarah Kobrinsky, and Dawn Gross, at 7:30.

This month’s featured artist is Daniel Healey:

Front_thisistheatretoday for web

So begins the fourth year of

sincerely yours, Quiet Lightning

Back_ArtWorks.print.aoe for web

Submissions for the show at 826 Valencia are open to all between the ages of 6-18 through the end of January 16th. Please tell all of your young friends and encourage them to submit; our show at the Pirate Supply Store is going to be legend! ARGH:

Submissions for our collaboration with SOMArt’s Feast of Words, with a special culinary guest and collaborative writing experiment—limited to 50 people but only $5 with a dish, $10 in advance or $12 at the door without one—are now open. Curators will be Josey and Christian Lee.

We’re accepting (very basic) applications for co-curators.

We’re open to nominations for Neighborhood Heroes, our show on June 6th at The Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Quiet Lightning is sponsored in part by the Zellerbach Family Foundation and Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Instagram Jan 16 13

Statistics for this show
We received 39 submissions. Of those, we selected 8, or 21%. Of those selected:

  • 8 human beings
  • 4 first timers (50%)
  • 2 2x (matt leibel and j. e. freeman)
  • 1 3x (shideh etaat)
  • 1 6x (william taylor jr.)

This will be the 39th Quiet Lightning and the 35th issue of sparkle + blink.

You there—step right up and tour the town!

Wednesday, Jan 16th • 6pm • $5 – no one turned away
1590 Bryant St. • a half block North of 16th St.