zellerbach grant, call for submissions + help wanted

We are proud and thrilled that the Zellerbach Family Foundation has showed us continued support by giving us our second grant! With their support this past year we were able to initiate the incredible Tour Through Town — producing 14 shows with 12 different partner organizations in only 12 months; we started handing out copies of sparkle + blink to the first 100 people at each show; ran our first book contest; and soon, we launch Quiet Lightning Books and Quiet Lightning Films. We cannot wait to see what 2014 will bring, and cannot thank the Zellerbach Family Foundation enough for helping to make such growth possible.

Charlie Getter @ San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, by Ian Tuttle
Charlie Getter @ San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, by Ian Tuttle

You can now watch our four-year anniversary show and read our Litquake show!

We’re accepting submissions for our January 6th show through the end of this Wednesday, December 18th. Send us some work! Our first shows of the year have been grand so far: that rainy first night at Gestalt; Public Works; Club Deluxe; Sports Basement. We expect to be able to announce the venue just as submissions close, so keep a look out… but it will be in SF.

While we’re soliciting, we’d love you to put your story in the hat for our first QL Film!

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We’re always looking for more people to get involved, but right now we’re especially looking for an Art Director and for an Outreach Director. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, we’d love to hear from you.

Big thanks to Gracie Malley for these photos of our anniversary show:

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nominations for the ’13 pushcart prize

Announcing our nominations for the 2013 Pushcart Prize:

We published 13 books this year, featuring 135 different authors! Choosing the best was difficult; choosing the best of the best was almost impossible. The first two years we nominated for the Pushcart (which you can watch and read here and here), the task left us humbled and even devastated, so I knew what to expect and was sort of dreading it. But re-reading everything is a perfect way to close out the calendar; it’s been an incredible year for us, and book after book reminded me just how incredible. Thank you to everyone who participated and made it possible: from the authors to the organizations, the venues to the crowds. When you have a chance, treat yourself and give them a watch:

Peri'sWe’re celebrating our four year anniversary this Wednesday, December 4th, and there’s still a bit of room in Chicken John’s bus if you want a free ride to Fairfax. We’ll be providing free dinner and drinks on the bus (and a ride back)—it’s going to be a blast. Let us know if you want a spot! Meghan Thornton and Ian Tuttle have put together one of the best mixes we’ve seen all year, thanks in part to the Tuesday Night Writers, who will help us celebrate by being half of the show and the final collaboration of our initial Tour Through Town.


Come hang out with us! And hey: if you can’t make it this month, consider sending in some work to help us start out our fifth year?