Hilary Cruz Mejía

courtesy of the artist

Hilary Cruz Mejía is a 20-year old Latinx immigrant from Puerto de Iztapa, Guatemala, a first-generation college student, and a queer poet. She is in her second year at Skyline College, and will be transferring to SFSU in Spring 2021. She has been the president of the Poetry Club at Skyline College since Spring 2020. In order to maintain a connection with her ancestors, and to allow the soul of the newcomers to value the legacy of our ancestors, she is aspiring to become a Professor of Literature of the Americas. Now, Hilary is working on her first poetry book, where she encourages her readers to find the guidance of self-transcendence in their lives, and to connect with their adventurous soul.

Hilary was invited by Kevin Madrigal Galindo