Duane Horton

photo via Cinnabar Moth

Duane Horton is a black queer fantasy writer and educator who currently resides in the Bay Area but is from the Mid-West (Ohio). He believes in writing his intersection of identity into his fantasy work to widen the cannon of literature. And so that folks who look like him can see themselves represented on the page. He graduated with his masters in Creative Writing from Mills College in 2019. Since then, he has been published in Green Mountains Review, Sapphire Hues Press, CinnabarMoth Publishing, SeaGlass Literary and more. Duane works for a youth writing organization. And he teaches a fantasy and science fiction writing workshop for LGBTQ plus identified youth of color in Oakland. And he is currently working on a novel. Duane uses his studying of feminist theory to create stories that align with those values. Values that have the power to break down oppressive structures. 

Duane was invited by Alie jones