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Old Devil Moon

March 2 @ Old Devil Moon, 3472 Mission St. @ Cortland, 7pm

Curated by Sean Taylor & Jason Whitacre

Admission is a suggested $15 donation, with all proceeds directly benefiting Bay Area artists. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. sPARKLE & bLINK featuring cover art by Claire Rabkin for the first 100 people!

logo for The Children's Book Project
The Children’s Book Project will be at our show! The Children’s Book Project is a non-profit that takes books without children and gives them to children without books. With 138,600 free books given to children in the San Francisco Bay Area last year, the Children’s Book Project anticipates giving away its 3 millionth book this spring. Bring a new or gently-used children’s book to support equity in literacy, learning, and life!

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Balboa Theater

Thanks to everyone who sent in work for our first show of 2020 — and our second decade!

January 6, 2020, 7pm at The Balboa Theatre

The Balboa Theatre by

a literay mixtape, starring:

Sean Taylor » Robert Pesich » Caitlyn Clark » Thea Matthews » Tony Press » Sara Biel » Peter Bullen » Carol Dorf » Jennifer Kulbeck » Lea Gulino » Abe Becker » Chelsea Davis » Tomas Moniz » Richelle Lee Slota » Chandler Rae Fitchett » Elizabeth Horner Turner » Sarah Paris » Amy Smith

Curated by Sophia Passin and Kathleen Torrez, all selected authors will be paid and published in sPARKLE & bLINK 103, featuring cover art by Golbanou Moghaddas!

“Torn for Attachment” by Golbanou Moghaddas, cover artist for sPARKLE & bLINK 103

After the readings (and a hearty intermission: beer, wine, and snacks are available at the concession stand), we will screen our feature-length film Water Under the Bridge (directed by Katie Wheeler-Dubin and Mila Puccini, 2016).

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Tickets / RSVP

We never turn away anyone due to lack of funds! If you can’t afford a ticket for any reason, please send us a line at to let us know and we’ll reserve you a seat, or simply show up and let us know at the door – tickets will be available on the night of the show.

Stats for this show:

  • We received 89 submissions and accepted 18 (20%)
  • Of the 18 selected, 10 have read at QL before (56%)
  • Of the 18 selected, 8 are reading at QL for the first time (44%)

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July 2019

sPARKLE & bLINK 100 cover art by the one and only Zoltron

Matt Leibel
Minyoung Lee
Simone Kurial
Ginny Rider
Ralph Paone
Florencia Milito
Steven Hill
Lisa Galloway
Steven Meloan

Sean Taylor
Barbara Hodder Toohey
Teresa Poore
Grey Rosado
Johnny Alvarez
Sage Curtis
Peggy Schimmelman
André Le Mont Wilson
Mairav Zonszein
Diana Donovan

Join us for our Jul 1 show, which will also be the publication of sPARKLE & bLINK 100!

What could be more exciting than that?
This show will be the first curated by one of our new Disruptors, Edmund Zagorin, and guest co-curator Kevin Dublin!

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:: Thanks to everyone who submitted! ::
We received 64 submissions and selected 19 (30%).
Of the 19 selected, 7 have read @ QL before (37%) and 12 are reading @ QL for the first time (63%).

This show will be at The Laundry in San Francisco (3359 26th Street)!
Admission is free, with a suggested $5-20 donation if you’d like Quiet Lightning to be sustainable. Doors at 7pm; show begins at 7:30pm.

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Poetry in Parks 2019
Submissions are open for the 5th annual Poetry in Parks, to be held on Angel Island Sept 15!
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Quiet Lightning on November 5, 2018

Cupid's Span by Evan Karp

On November 5, Quiet Lightning returns for a series of 9 surprises:

Peter Bullen
Shirley Huey
Fernando Meisenhalter
Maia Bull
Cassandra Dallett
Sarah Henry
Sean Taylor
Paolo Bicchieri
Brian Kirven

quiet lightning logo

This is a FREE, all-ages show!

Monday, November 5, 2018, 7:30pm
Cupid’s Span in Rincon Park
The Embarcadero & Folsom St, SF 94105
Readings begin at 7:30pm

But come early, bring some dinner or a drink if you want, it’s turn back the clock the night before so sunset will be just after 5pm … let’s take in the sky, the Bay Lights, and this mixtape together!

California Zephyr by Evan Karp

The first 100 people will receive a book featuring all of the selected writing and photography by Evan Karp.

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Peacock Lounge

Our next show is on Nov 6, 2017 @ Peacock Lounge!

Journey Through the Night by Cat SommerSIDE A

K.R. Morrison
Kristina Ten
Sean Taylor
Natasha Dennerstein
Matt Carney
Megan Levad
Riss Rosado
Roberto F. Santiago


Eric Kurhi
Cassandra Rockwood-Rice
John Panzer
Wild Red Hawk
Heather Robinson
Lena Nicodemus
Akinyele Sadiq

The first 100 people receive a free copy of sPARKLE & bLINK 90 featuring cover art by Cat Sommer!

This show was curated by Kate Folk + Evan Karp. Thanks to everyone who submitted! We received 97 submissions for this show and accepted 15 (15%). Of those:

  • 8 have never read for QL before (53%)
  • 7 are returning (47%)
    • Kristina Ten (5x)
    • Sean Taylor (4x)
    • Natasha Dennerstein (2x)
    • Riss Rosado (1x)
    • John Panzer (5x)
    • Wild Red Hawk (2x)
    • Akinyele Sadiq (2x)

This will be our 113th show since December 2009. We’ve now featured 1,100+ readings by 800+ authors—as selected by 50+ curators—and produced shows in 80+ venues of all kinds. We’re proud to say that all participating artists are paid. Send us some work for our secret day 001 show! And invite someone to join you at the peacock lounge?


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pushcart nominations

Because we love the challenge at the end of every year to select six of the best pieces we published, we’re thrilled to have nominated the following for the 2022 Best of Small Presses:

“from Anaamaki / What Came from Beneath Ground” by Aja Couchois Duncan / watch | read

“Grandpa’s Gingerbread Cookies” by Kelechi Ubozoh / watch | read

“Bella” by Youssef Alaoui-Fdili / watch | read

“Counting Sheep” by Amanda Muñiz / watch | read

“Nostalgia” by Melissa Merin / watch | read

“Pieces from YOLOTL” by Lourdes Figueroa / watch | read

PageLines- ql-logovectorsquare.jpg

You can read and watch our previous nominations below:



Sara Post: “Libations, HIPAA Style” / watch | read

Michael Warr, trans. by Chun Yu: “To Your Assailant” / watch | read

Jessica Barksdale: “When I Wash Raspberries” / watch | read

Tomas Moniz: “Masks On, Pants Off” / watch | read

Ernest White II: “Challenger” / watch | read

Emily Dezurick-Badran: “Ghosts” / watch | read



Karla Brundage: “Alabama Dirt” / watch | read

Madeline Cash: “Hostage #4” / watch | read

Alia Salim: “Deep State” / watch | read

Alex Maceda: “Purple is a Late Blooming Color” / watch | read

Halim Madi: “As Home Became Metaphor” / watch | read

Robyn Carter: “Excelsior” / watch | read



Shelley Wong: “To Yellow” « watch | read

Donna Laemmlen: “The Dangers of Helium” « watch | read

Lisa Galloway: “Mercy” « watch | read

Mairav Zonszein: “A Birth Story” « watch | read

Maddy Raskulinecz: “Intruders in Ms. Hansen-Knudsen’s Class” « watch | read

Kevin Dublin: “Argument” « watch | read



Cassandra Dallett: “Jails Have ATM Machines Now” « watchread

Ruth Crossman: “Tom Petty” « watchread

Emily Dezurick-Badran: “The Werewolf in Love” « watchread

André Le Mont Wilson: “The Ass Wiper” « watchread

Clare Lilliston: “Coelacanth” « watchread

Sarah Henry: “2017” « watchread




Charlie Getter: “Geography Lesson” « watchread

Kate Folk: “Funeral Requirements for Thwarted Children” « watchread

Jenny Xie: “Wendy Beside Herself” « watchread

Kazumi Chin: “The Very Last New Year’s Resolution” « watchread

Jason Bayani: “Antidepressants” « watchread

Eric Kurhi: “The Snake Guy” « watchread 




Ploi Pirapokin: “David, the Cephalopod” « watchread

David Welper: “Garlic” « watch |read

Susanna Kwan: “Up, Apart, Away” « watch | read

Yxta Maya Murray: “The Whitney’s 2016 Max Mara Anniversary Bag Designed by Renzo Piano’s Building Workshop” « watchread

E.C. Messer: “The Poet” « watchread

Brynn Saito: “How to Prepare the Mind for Lightning” « [vid + text coming soon]




Claire Williams: “The Man Who Drank the Sea” « watchread

Kristina Ten: “Milkless” « watchread

Maggie Tokuda-Hall: “Miri and the Squid” « watch | read

Hugh Behm-Steinberg: “Mouse-Colored Penduline Tits” « watchread

Maw Shein Win: “Score” « watchread

Bonnie Kwong: “The Moon from the Corner of Her Eye” « watchread 




Elena Mauli Shapiro: “December 25, 1989” « watch | read

Matthew Zapruder: “To Sergio Franchi” « read

Peter Orner: “Shhhhhh, Arthur’s Studying” « watch | read

Kai Carlson-Wee: “Holes in the Mountain” « watch | read | bonus

Christine No: “Mattress Man” « watch | read

Colin Winnette: “Ghost Mountain Island Murder Mystery” « read




erica lewis: “Bodies Dream of Themselves” « watch | read

Susan Steinberg: “Spectator” « watch | read

Brandon Brown: “My Favorite Things” « watch | read

Molly Giles: “Harm Done” « watch | read

Jarett Kobek: “#YOLO” « read

Charlie Getter: “Untitled (I live on an iceberg)” « watch




Cassie J. Sneider: “Romance” « watch | read

A.D. Winans: “Fourth of July Poem” « watch | read

Toni Mirosevich: “The Right Spot” « watch | read

Siamak Vossoughi: “Not A Party” « watch | read

Sean Taylor: “It Sings Us Both to Sleep” « watch | read

L.J. Moore: “Fig. 23: Wrecked” « watch | read





Jesús Castillo: from “Remains” « watch | read

Graham Gremore: “Happy Birthday (Sorry You Missed It)” « watch | read

James Warner: from All Her Father’s Guns « watch | read

Siamak Vossoughi: “Don’t Ask Me” « watch | read

Meg Day: “Say Yes”« read

Joseph Lease: “Lost Highway” « watch | read

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free show @ chez poulet may 4

Begin transmission> Lapo Guzzini and Nora Toomey have put together the next literary mmmmm-ixtape >>>>

All Over You by Ryan Martin | cropped • web2
front cover of sPARKLE & bLINK 65 by Ryan Martin

Matt Leibel

Suzannah Weiss

Maggie Tokuda-Hall

Jarvis Subia

A.G. Moore

Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Peter Bullen

Alicia Franco

Alexander Peterson

Sean Taylor

Tim Donnelly

Christopher Dizon

Daniel Riddle Rodriguez

Patricia Caspers

ql logo

all appearing live and in person at Chez Poulet
HQ for the San Francisco Institute of Possibility and Radio Valencia

Monday night of the 4th of May 2015, 7pm doors
3359 Cesar Chavez St.

FREE show. All ages. Free Lagunitas draft beer.
sPARKLE & bLINK will be $5. Copies of vitriol for $7. Both for $10!

7/14 of the authors are readings @ QL for the first time (50%)


Matt Leibel (4x)
Suzannah Weiss (1x)
Hugh Behm-Steinberg (2x)
Peter Bullen (9x)
Alexander Peterson (3x)
Sean Taylor (3x)
Daniel Riddle Rodriguez (1x)

videos from the last Chemical Wedding

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block party

storm market st. march 2, free beer

We’re headed to WeWork Golden Gate on Monday, March 2nd, and hot abomunists do we have a show for you!

Misty Morning 36X24
art for sPARKLE & bLINK 63 by Paul Kalcic

Melissa Tan
Emily Kiernan
Emily Drevets
L.J. Moore
Katie Aliferis

Apollo Papafrangou
Cassandra Dallett
Annelyse Gelman
Jessica Hahn
Siamak Vossoughi
Jeffrey Kingman
Sean Taylor

curated byAlexandra Kostoulas + Evan Karp (whoever that is), this show:

Monday, March 2, 7pm start « doors at 6:30
$5-10 includes free beer (courtesy Lagunitas!) + sPARKLE & bLINK to first 100 (free for WeWork members)
25 Taylor St. near Market
All ages, all forms and formulations

Do you understand? these dozen author people will converge for one evening, each speak their part in an art piece conceived from their creations—one night only—and then walk down the stairs (or take elevator) onto Market St., and make their decisions?

No one turned away for lack of funds, ever. Come make art // breathe //

 change the world with us //
RSVP | submit to Quiet Lightning’s April 6 show at Mercury Cafecontribute to our film | send us visual art for yearlong ekphrasis project culminating in gallery show

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Other News:

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In case you’re just scanning (and if you’re reading, red-handed!):

RSVP | submit to Quiet Lightning’s April 6 show at Mercury Cafecontribute to our film | send us visual art for yearlong ekphrasis project culminating in gallery show

By the numbers

For Mar 2, we received 45 submissions: