Quiet Lightning is conducting an ekphrastic project—going back and forth between visual art and writing.

Announcing the first round of selections:

"Rubbed" by Sophie Lourdes Knight, selected by Laura Ceron Melo

“Rubbed” by Sophie Lourdes Knight

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Dreaming shadows lie along roots in the courtyard,
leaves splaying sunlight into puppet theater.
Leaf cutter ants,
drying clothes dripping,
papaya ripening on their vines.

A few white feathers strewn about the yard.
Two dark bloodspots shimmer among them.

Esperanza is crying in her dark cool bedroom.
Her abuela is washing lemons in the kitchen.
Doña Palacio’s wet hands attract feathers
as she heats water for soup.

Isidora hears her daughter crying
from her bed in the room by the courtyard.
Her head aches,
and she nestles her fever further into the pillow,
listening to her child weep for a friend.

– “Soup” by Karim Quesada-Khoury

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"Cannon Muff" by Adrienne Heloise, selected by Sidney Stretz

“Cannon Muff” by Adrienne Heloise

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Say, young chap

Looks so smart
so decked out

put your piston down

so ready to bore into
the muzzle of this gun

Ah, from our foundry I see
We will be taking it back

that collar snug and high
the plume outrageous

Yes, a good one, excellent caliber
does the job

what arrogance in the locks
such restraint in the recoil

Time to come along
review your allegiance

– “Surrender” by Sandra Wassilie




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