Hi there. If you’d like to co-curate one of our shows, you’re in the right place. This is now a tried-and-true process˚; in 2013, we had 15 different curators! It goes like this:

  1. Send an email to submit AT quietlightning DOT org
  2. Tell us why you want to put a show together.
  3. Tell us why you’re qualified. This can include any number of things: a fortune spent on formal education, attendance at a large number of Quiet Lightnings, you’ve written 10,000 poems this year… endless, really, are the potential qualifications.


  • Curating a show requires a commitment of, at minimum, 12 hours of intensive focus—often more, and in a specific window of time (our submissions usually close at the end of the Wednesday three weeks before each show, and everything needs to be decided by mid-afternoon of the following Sunday).
  • Curating precludes you from submitting. This should be obvious, but needs saying.

After you send us a note with the above information (and commitment), we will send you a confirmation email and review your application. It doesn’t need to be formal at all. We will start a collection of interested parties, an, each month’s curator (who will be either a Quiet Lightning board member or staff member) will be allowed to choose whoever they want as a co-curator; they do not have to choose from the pile of people expressing interest, but will have those applications to consider.

˚ Until December 2012, at our three-year anniversary show, curators were decided based on frequency and availability. Now, in addition to the five board members and original board member Charles Kruger, curators have included Nicole McFeely, Ceri Bevan, SB Stokes, Sandra Wassilie, Christian Lee, Sarah Griff, Janey Smith, D.W. Lichtenberg, Kelsey Schimmelman, Lauren Traetto, Katie Wheeler-Dubin, Ian Tuttle, Spencer Kaidi, Sarah Ciston, Sarah Carpenter, Emma Smith, Lapo Guzzini, Caroline Kessler, Allison Hummel, Sara Marinelli, Shideh Etaat, Sean Taylor, and Alexandra Kostoulas.

i want to curate!


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  1. […] Next month, on December 3rd, we will celebrate 3 years of Quiet Lightning. Hard to believe. Easy to celebrate. We’re accepting submissions through the end of Wednesday, November 14th. Send all submissions here. We are proud and more than a little excited to announce SB Stokes and Meghan Thornton will curate that show. This marks the first time a non-board member, non-committee head will join forces for the selection process. If you’re interested in being one of the people who puts together the shows, here’s more information. […]

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