neighborhood heroes ! call for submissions ! beast crawl

"accumulation of absences" by Tanya Hollis (created for kari edwards' no gender
“accumulation of absences” by Tanya Hollis (created for kari edwards, No Gender)

Yiyun Li
Peter Orner
Katie Crouch
Matthew Zapruder
Norma Cole
Sarah Griffin
Lauren Traetto
Peter Bullen
Moneta Goldsmith

Thursday, August 7th

Contemporary Jewish Museum
736 Mission St.
6:30 p.m. (doors at 6)

first 100 people get a copy of sPARKLE & bLINK ft. art by Tanya Hollis

ql logoSubmissions Open

Thursday, August 9th
w/National Poetry Slam
12:30 p.m. Courtyard Marriott, Oakland
submissions open thru Wed July 23

SFCity by Maga Rinconfor webBeast Crawl

Saturday, July 12 • 8pm
Oakstop • 1721 Broadway  (@ 17th), Oakland
Free • $3 Lagunitas • sPARKLE & bLINK w/Maga Rincon



the beast crawl finale

QL returns for the Beast Crawl hat trick: for one and two we did a lil’ something called Random Play… but not this year! Full steam ahead, with sparkle + blink, Lagunitas and everything. The show, curated by Lapo Guzzini, Emma Smith, and Evan Karp, will be at Oakstop, in the third and final leg of the festival. We are proud to be hosting this lineup:

SFCity by Maga Rinconfor web
art by Maga Rincon!

Siamak Vossoughi
Kelly Egan
Kate Folk
Kara Vernor
Ivan Hernandez
David Wesley Green
Jill Tydor
Ashley Warren

Show starts at 8pm sharp!
Check out the rest of the fest — other legs start at 5pm and 6:30 (schedule here)
Oakstop: 1721 Broadway St near 17th St., Oakland
First 100 people get a copy of sparkle + blink

ql logo


oakstop! as seen from m'iphone
oakstop! as seen from m’iphone

Social Media Book Contest

Think about it. We’re going to make at least one beautiful book out of this. What will it look like?

Neighborhood Heroes

Save the date! Thursday, August 7th @ the Contemporary Jewish Museum

National Poetry Slam

We’re doing 2 shows in 3 days again!*** Saturday August 9th we’ll be a part of the closing day of this year’s NPS! Submissions open as soon as we figure out what we want to do… any ideas? (Seriously, we’re open.)


We received 60 submissions to this show and accepted 8 (13%). 5 are first-timers (62.5%). The vets:

  • Siamak Vossoughi (14x)
  • Kelly Egan (2x)
  • Kara Vernor (1x)

***Recent videos + photos

Check out videos/photos from our last two shows: El Rio here, and Modern Eden w/ArtSpan here.

literary mixtape + analog #qlbooks @ el rio

We’re taking over the patio at El Rio on Tuesday, June 3rd! Come hang out with us. We’ll have typewriters so you can request poems on demand from some of the evening’s readers and perhaps a special guest or two; you’ll also be able to use Quiet Lightning stationary to write your own words (we’re creating stationary just for this show!)… perhaps you’ll come up with some rough gems for our book contest?

We are proud to introduce to you our authors/entertainment for the evening, curated by Kristen Kramer + Sarah Carpenter!

sparkle + blink 53 cover art by Luis Pinto
sparkle + blink 53 cover art by Luis Pinto

Peter Bullen
Moneta Goldsmith
Xan Roberti
Sharon Coleman
Andrena Zawinski
Emma Winsor Wood
John-vincent Grecco
Marcus Lund
Tomas Moniz
Siamak Vossoughi
Jen Sullivan Brych
Mr(s) Tisatula

Doors at 1pm
Typewriters at 5pm
Show at 8pm
Typewriters, drinking
after show hours
$7-10 sliding, NOTAFLOF
First 100 get a copy of s+b

Book Contest

get to it!

Beast Crawl

submissions for the third annual daylong festival are open through jun 11

ArtSpan + Modern Eden

so excited to be doing a show w/ArtSPan on jun 5. two QL’s in one week! featuring Lucy Tiven, Colin Winnette, Kwan Booth, Denise Benavides, Carolyn Ho and Nate Waggoner responding to Fairy Tales: The Test of Time:

  • RSVP
  • More info
  • ArtSpan is going to give out Blick sketching materials to a limited # of folks so you (and the other people at this ARTIST MIXER) can respond to the literary responses to the visual representations of FAIRY TALES

Neighborhood Heroes

save the date: Thursday, August 7th @ the Contemporary Jewish Museum

time … to … combust … approaching

Announcing our lineup for the May 12 premiere of our first film, Combustion, to be held at The New Parkway Theater in Oakland:

Cover of sparkle + blink 52 by Fuzz Grant
Cover of sparkle + blink 52 by Fuzz Grant

Amy E. Glasenapp
Ginger Buswell
Brielle Brilliant
Lisa Piazza
Paul Corman-Roberts
Melissa R. Sipin
Brooke Ferguson
Shelby Hinte
John Babbott

With music by Kendra McKinley!

474 24th St., Oakland (map)
7:00 readings, doors at 6:30

$10, first 100 ppl get a copy of sparkle + blink
Dinner and full bar available • All ages welcome
Get advance tickets | RSVP

ql logo

Submissions to our June show are open through Wednesday, May 14th. Anything goes!

may 12 film debut at the new parkway

Combustion! Our first short film, based on the story by Amy E. Glasenapp and directed by Katie Wheeler-Dubin. Starring Kat Yoas, Lauren Wheeler-Dubin, and Ryan Van Runkle and these supernovas. Here’s the trailer:

At The New Parkway!
Monday, May 12 • 6:00 show at 7pm
$10 • Get advance tix

Submit to this show! Deadline is the end of Wednesday, April 16. Here’s how you do it.


ps. thanks everyone who came to our book release party for Zack Haber and Tupelo Hassman. That felt really fantastic to see so many friends and bright attentive faces, and the books are still real and so pretty and we are really proud of them! If you didn’t get a copy you can now do that here; you’ll also be able to pick them up in other places soon… though of course the best place to get them is at the shows! Come on May 12! Please submit. And check out Tiny Splendor… we’ll be working with them again but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with them! And/or be their friends. And three cheers for Hipstamatic — especially to their Director of Fun, Mario Estrada… what a magical way to release our first books. Videos and full text coming soon… Go forth, now; go forth and make people want to make more things!

book release at the haus of hipstamatic

Join us Monday April 7th at 7pm as we celebrate the publication of our first two Quiet Lightning Books at the gorgeous headquarters of Hipstamatic.

08-hipstamatic-82We asked our authors Zack Haber (if you want to be one of them playing in the streets…) and Tupelo Hassman (Breast Milk) to curate the rest of the evening and they’ve invited Amy Berkowitz, Carrie Hunter, Stephen D. Gutierrez, and Dan Sanders to read… and they all said yes!

We made the books with Tiny Splendor, who will be set up with a print sale. There will be cheap food and free ice cold draft beer courtesy of Lagunitas… which perhaps will inspire you to participate in the livestream of image-based storytelling via Oggl. Wait! There’s more… a special performance by Stella Peach!

Monday, April 7th Haus of Hipstamatic
74 Langton St. (b/w Folsom and Howard, 7th and 8th streets)
Doors at 6:45 • Readings at 7:30

Mowers by Wesley Powell (for web)
art by Wesley Powell


$7-10 admission includes sparkle + blink
$15 for s+b plus one author book

$20 for all three

No one turned away for lack of funds

This all happened as a result of our first book contest. Are you working on a book right now? We’ll be announcing our second book contest in the beginning of May.

ql logo

  The New ParkwayMay 12 is the premiere of our first short film Combustion at The New Parkway in Oakland! Please send us some work to be a part of that show. Perform at TNP!

Major thanks to the The Leslie Scalapino – O Books Fund for a recent grant that will help make this all possible!

Quiet Lightning is also made possible in part thanks to the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and would absolutely not be so darn great without the help and consistent good work of our board, staff, and volunteers. Our ears and minds are are always open, and so are our meetings — the next one is on April 20th (no joke). Send us a line if you’d like to attend and/or get involved in some way.

submissions open for may debut of quiet lightning films

Quiet Lightning Films will premiere in Oakland at The New Parkway on Monday, May 12th. Read the story that inspired the film: Combustion, by Amy E. Glasenapp. We’re selling advance tickets — don’t miss out! We’re also accepting submissions. Get on it… submissions will be closed until June, for our July show.

Director Katie Wheeler-Dubin Making Fire

sparkle + blink 50 with the San Francisco Center for the Book
Friday, March 7th
375 Rhode Island Street
7:30 readings, doors at 6:30
$7-10, first 100 ppl get a special edition
$3 ice cold Lagunitas drafts
Free snacks • All ages welcome

taking flight for issue #50

design by j. brandon loberg
design by j. brandon loberg

Join us at a cruising altitude of 25,000 feet on March 7th to celebrate the publication of our 50th issue of sparkle + blink, held inside the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Matt Leibel
Monica Mody
Chloé Veylit
Cosmo Spinosa
Moneta Goldsmith
Geraldine Kim
Lex Kosieradzki
RJ Ingram
Siamak Vossoughi
Tomas Moniz
Michael Cooper
Teresa K. Miller

375 Rhode Island Street
7:30 readings, doors at 6:30

$7-10, first 100 ppl get a special edition
$3 ice cold Lagunitas drafts
Free snacks • All ages welcome

  • We received 103 submissions for this show and accepted 12 (12%)
  • 5/12 have read for QL before (42%, 68% first-time in QL)
    • Matt Leibel (3x)
    • Chloé Veylit (1x)
    • Moneta Goldsmith (5x)
    • Siamak Vossoughi (12x)
    • Tomas Moniz (3x)

our fiftieth issue of sparkle + blink

Submit by the end of Wednesday, February 12th to be a part of our show with the San Francisco Center for the Book. The show is going to be inside their shop of wonders. They are going to letterpress the covers to our 50th book, with design by our main man j. brandon lobergLagunitas will be back in the house. Everyone who comes to the show will have a part in making their own book. Click here to submit. Send us anything. We’d love to read your best work, your weirdest, most-like-you work, your most not-like-you work. Surprise us. But more than anything, surprise yourself.

combustion! our first film

Amy E. Glasenapp‘s story “Combustion” will be the basis for our first short film, which we plan to screen at our May show. We’re currently casting; auditions are this Wednesday and Thursday (January 29th and 30th) in San Francisco. If you can’t make it on one of those dates and would like a shot, we’ll be holding a short round early afternoon Saturday February 1st. More details about the film and auditions can be found here.

spontaneous combustion

Thanks to everyone who sent us a script or a story. We received 19 and accepted 1 (5%). We had a blast imagining how we might convert them into movies, and are thrilled to get to work on Amy’s story. Actually, we’re already hard at work: the script is being drafted, the location scouted, props and equipment gathered… we’ll have all the shooting done by the first of March.

Hope to see you before then, though.