Join us on Monday, September 15th to watch the sunset at Lands End Lookout Point, followed by an outdoor show at a nearby location featuring readings by Raul RuizBaruch Porras-HernandezAdam MoskowitzBrielle BrilliantGinger BuswellArtie MoffaMoneta Goldsmith, and William Taylor Jr.!

This will be a free show, and the first 100 people will get a copy of sparkle + blink, with art by Daniel Morales!

Bring a warm jacket and a scarf. No refreshments will be provided.

Sunset ~7:15 pm. Meet at Lookout Point parking lot at 6:30 and we’ll walk together to the readings, which start ~8 pm.

Note: This month’s reading is not ADA accessible, though arrangements might be possible. Send us an email with any questions.


sunset over sutro baths by Sunny Wu (Eric)

Curation: readings by Caroline Kessler and Evan Karp, art by Laura Ceron Melo



  • We received 79 submissions for this show and accepted 9 (11%).
  • Return readers this month:
    • Raul Ruiz (1x)
    • Baruch Porras-Hernandez (1x)
    • Adam Moskowitz (1x)
    • Brielle Brilliant (1x)
    • Ginger Buswell (3x)
    • Moneta Goldsmith (9x)
    • William taylor Jr. (7x)

This is our 64th show and 57th issue of s+b, featuring now 759 individual readings by 422 different authors.

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