Thanks to everyone who came out to our Labor Day litnic, music and readings at the Conservatory of Flowers. What fun we’re having! With The Greenhouse Effect, volume 2 complete, how could things possibly get better? Next stop: Litquake!

Big Thanks to Julie Michelle for being a giant sweetheart with a lucid lense:

[portfolio_slideshow size=large showtitles=true nav=top trans=fadeZoom]

We’d also like to thank Michael Musika and Con Brio again for two outstanding sets of music. What a delight to have such talented acts hang out with us [click their names to watch full performances]. And a big thanks to Comrades Brewery for those wonderful concoctions. Does anyone not want them back for October 10?

We met Peter Booth Lee, who also took some great photos, and Tyler Bewley, whose gorgeous artwork you can see on the latest issue of sparkle & blink.

To the Event Tent! How could we make that space as beautiful as the flower-strewn hothouse? The time is ticking, we are thinking, and you may still be working on your Golden Ticket submission. Can’t wait to see what happens!

What would you like to do now?


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  2. […] For the past two months, Quiet Lightning has presented, in conjunction with and on location at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, The Greenhouse Effect: a summer reading series in three distinct shows. This has marked the first-ever series for both organizations and culminates on Monday, October 10 as part of the Litquake literary festival. Catch up (or relive the experience) with videos, thoughts, and photos of each reading: here for August, and here for September. […]

  3. […] for our three-show series at the Conservatory of Flowers! If you weren’t there last year, check out some of Julie Michelle’s photos to see what you don’t have to miss again. Deadline for August 6 and October 8 is the end of […]

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