but you should meet us in the park!


look for balloons

we’ll bring hummus and bread, wine and other homemade treats

you bring something too

if you can

we’ll eat just about anything

and drink that way too

then we’ll walk


The Emerald Tablet

80 Fresno St

show starts @ 6:30


so we can go watch the fireworks!

those start @ 9:30


this show was curated by Evan Karp and Chris Cole

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— donations only! —

spend some time with Julie Michelle‘s photos | pre-order sPARKLE & bLINK 2.6

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looking forward!



submissions for aug 1 // litquake oct 10


thurs jul 14

get them in now!





2 Responses to litnic fit and fire show

  1. […] Hope to see you then. More details are right here. […]

  2. […] whatever drinks we can unofficially get away with clandestinely. A lot of you know the first and second times are also charms, but we’ll be more prepared for this third litnic, with tables in the […]

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