Water Under the Bridge • Vogue Theatre Poster web
Water Under the Bridge

directed by Katie Wheeler-Dubin + Mila Puccini

World premiere on March 3,
w/ matinee screenings on 3/5 and 3/6,
each show w/live, film-inspired performances!

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SUBMISSIONS are OPEN for a chance to read or perform within the walls of Adobe Books! All forms of writing accepted! Selected writings to be uttered by their authors via “Quiet Lightning literary mixtape” style!

Adobe Books

One night only, Monday April 4,
curated by Meghan Thornton & Ian Tuttle


The first 100 humans to attend shall receive sPARKLE & bLINK w/all selected work,
featuring cover art by Sarah Irvin:

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from Objects of Care:

To make this work, I created digital negatives enlarging the various textures of my infant daughter’s toys, blankets and clothing that were gifted to us by our friends and family. I created cyanotypes with these negatives and re-developed them in Mother’s Milk Tea, a tea made with a set of herbs used for centuries to promote healthy lactation. The tannins in the tea create a chemical reaction with the iron of the cyanotype causing the traditional cyanotype blue to darken and additionally tone the white of the paper.



  1. Send us any kind of writing. Make up new kinds and send them to us.
  2. No one gets more than 8 minutes of reading time. This varies of course but don’t send us more than 1,500 words unless you’ve timed the piece multiple times and your speedy performance of the text somehow enhances it. We sometimes make an exception to this rule, but rarely.
  3. You may submit more than one attachment, but the word count of your entire submission should not exceed 1,500.
  4. By submitting, you commit to be present for the date: Monday April 5, 2016.
  5. Do not put your name anywhere — neither in the submission itself nor in the subject/title/filename of your submission.
  6. We publish the accepted submissions in sparkle + blink every month. It’s OK to submit previously published writings, but please let us know where they were published so we can give proper attribution.
  7. You may submit audio, but all submissions must include full text.


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Don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason: evan@quietlightning.org. 

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